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Warranty conditions

Warranty against defects for tires and rims
  1. These conditions of warranty against defects (hereinafter called warranty) have been prepared in accordance with the Law of Obligations Act of the Republic of Estonia (
  2. Warranty conditions are intended for Buyers who purchase new tires and rims from Rehvid Pluss OÜ.
  3. Warranty is offered by Rehvid Pluss OÜ, established in 2007 and operating in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, its registry code is 11339888 and head office address Turu tee 30, Järveküla, 75312, Estonia.
  4. Rehvid Pluss OÜ authorised person for handling warranty matters is Indrek Kermon (contact information: telephone +372 52 49 281, e-mail
  5. Warranty provisions only apply to manufacturing and material defects of tires and rims (hereinafter called the thing).
  6. The warranty only covers things for which it is possible to prove that the defect has occurred during manufacturing.
  7. Warranty is valid for 2 years, unless an agreement or a letter of guarantee provide a different warranty period.
  8. Warranty period starts with the delivery of the thing to the Buyer, unless a later time is provided in the agreement or the letter of guarantee. If we are obligated to deliver the thing to the Buyer, then the warranty period does not begin before the delivery of the thing to the Buyer. The warranty period is paused when the Buyer is unable to use the thing due to its lack of conformity to agreement terms of which the issuer of warranty against defects is responsible.
  9. The Buyer must notify the seller of lack of conformity of the thing within two months after becoming aware of the non-conformity.
  10. Burden of proof of occurred defects that are detected inside of 6 months (whether the defects that occurred after the day of delivery were present during delivery of the thing) belongs to Rehvid Pluss OÜ and during the remaining 18 months, Seller can demand compensation from the Buyer for the detection of the causes of the defect and cost of diagnostics in accordance with a service provider's price list.
  11. Rehvid Pluss OÜ shall resolve warranty cases within a reasonable time given the nature of the case.
  12. The warranty does not cover:
    1. Damage to the thing caused by accidents, improper use, storage and studding.
    2. Damage to which the Customer has contributed intentionally or unintentionally.
    3. Things that have been repaired or restored.
    4. Damage arising from incorrect alignment of the wheels, wheel unbalance, faulty breaks or shock absorbers, incorrect tire pressure, overload or use of chains. Also damage caused by using the tire off-road and at a race, if a fire occurs, accident happens, or tire is intentionally damaged.
    5. Damage caused by road conditions.
    6. Summer tires with remaining tread depth of less than 3 mm and 4 mm for M+S marked tires.
    7. Studding and tire studs.
  13. If the inspection carried out demonstrates material or manufacturing defects, then the thing shall be repaired, replaced or compensated for financially. The warranty does not cover indirect expenses.
  14. The amount of compensation for tires is calculated based on the tread depth wear, which means that so-called "remaining tread" depth measurement shall be performed.
  15. The calculation of the amount of compensation for tires takes place as follows: The purchase price of the product / useful tread depth x (useful tread depth - remaining useful tread depth of the used tire). Useful tread depth is the wearing of the tread depth of a new tire to the tread depth established in the warranty terms.
  16. If case of a decision to replace the returned thing with a new one, the replacement shall be carried out free of charge at Rehvid Pluss OÜ’s service station.
  17. Rehvid Pluss OÜ shall not be responsible for non-performance of obligations provided by these Terms and Conditions, if the cause for non-performance is the occurrence of such unforeseen event, that Rehvid Pluss OÜ could not control, and is able to demonstrate that it was impossible to prevent the occurrence of such event or apply legal remedies against the event or its consequences. Rehvid Pluss OÜ must do everything possible to minimize duration of said force majeure circumstances. For purposes of this section, the term "force majeure" (not limited to this list) means fire, flood, war, rebellion, shutdown, embargo, energy crashes, delays in delivery of raw materials, etc.

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