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Affordable wheels for all car brands

New wheels are a great way to change up the look of your car

This is a special moment for you and your car. You are about to purchase new wheels for your car.

There may be several reasons for this: maybe you are purchasing new wheels to redesign the appearance of your car or maybe you want to achieve more suitable tyre dimensions by using new wheels. Whatever the reason, our team aims and hopes to make this process as convenient and carefree as possible for you.

We believe that you do not need to be an engineer, nor do you need to know all the specifications of your car. It’s our job and our pleasure to know these things, and we have created a car brand based search for wheels to help with this.

All you have to do is to insert your car data into our search bar … and beautiful wheels suitable for your car will be displayed for you.

Wheels – what should I know before purchasing?


Will there be any additional costs?

If the wheels you order differ from the original wheels, we will always add suitable fitment rings and the set also includes new bolts and screws that suit your car brand (bolts and screws are not added to original (OE) wheels or to steel wheels).

Can I use the wheels during winter?

Wheels that can be used in winter can also be used during summer.

Generally, you should not use polished wheels in winter, i.e. wheels that are not covered with paint or that have a very thin coat of varnish.

If you use unsuitable wheels in winter, the wheels get corrosion damage. You can see whether a wheel is suitable for winter on the product card that has the marking YES / NO on it.

Should I choose dark or light coloured wheels?

Of course, this depends on personal preference, but we recommend that you choose wheels that are in contrast with the colour of your car. The exception is that silver wheels suit almost any car. When choosing the colour, you should take into consideration that dark wheels usually appear visually smaller than light wheels.

If your car currently has light 17-inch wheels and you would like to try dark wheels, we recommend going an inch bigger, i.e. choosing 18-inch wheels.
When you purchase both tyres and wheels, you can have these sent to your house pre assembled for only 10 €
When you order 4 or more wheels, shipping is free
If your do not like the wheels, you have 14 days to return them, and we will refund you
Flexible payment options: bank transfer on the basis of an invoice or card payment
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